Building an experience

I started my career working on experience design for physical installations. For me, many of the same practices apply whether I am working on  physical or digital design. More recently, I’ve being working on physical and digital consumer products, ensuring that the experience is consistent and well executed throughout. This starts in retail, and extends to unboxing, setting up on your wifi, ending with the day-to-day use of the product.

Unboxing is a particularly important part of a product’s life, a really special moment where the user is exciting about setting up their new purchase. At Ome, in collaboration with Burgopak and Bibliotheque I designed our packaging to be minimal and guide the user through the setup. When opening the packaging, the products within are staggered at different heights, in order of how you interact with them during setup. Firstly, a leaflet guides the user to where the app can be installed. The app guides you to the next most accessible part, the ‘button’, which is setup first. Then, beside this, sits the ‘chime’ with accessories beneath them for the final stage of physical installation.

little hand packaging copy.jpg

We had two versions of the app. Learning from our first version, we improved the experience working closely with the tech team and copywriter to make the user experience intuitive and seamless. The app uses simple photography of the products with the use of hands to help the user understand every step clearly.


I also lead the creative for the website design. Predominantly, we wanted to let let the photography shoot we’d created speak for itself. With a combination of simple images showing off the product, situational photography testimonials and simple illustration, we created a website that guided the consumer through the complexity of the product in a simple and understandable way.

As a small company, my role has included every aspect of the projects creative direction, from managing the team, designing the user interface, artworking and asset building. This has given an understanding of the full creative process.