Film has been a prominent part of my work from the start of my career. Film and photography can be a wonderful tool for distilling complex ideas into an easy-to-understand visual form of communicating.

I’m experienced in creative direction, directing, shooting and editing. My film work spans from showreels, project promos and documentation to pitches, product adverts, how to and customer support films.

In 2017, I was creative lead on our product photoshoot at Ome, in charge of creative direction, styling set, prop production and collaborating with photographer Luke Walker.

Our main challenge was to show all three aspects of the product’s usage in one photograph: the button’, or doorbell, on the front door; the chime’, or speaker, inside the home; and the user answering the doorbell from their phone. To illustrate this we came up with a photoshoot theme built around the concept of a corner. One side of the corner showed the outside of the home, with the Button, and the other side showed the inside of the home, with the chime. For continuity and to make the images simple to interpret, we based each scene around a monotone colour pallet, using the brand colours. This created powerful yet stylistically beautiful photography, showing three moments in time within one image.