Big Bang Data, ONN Studio 2016

We were commissioned by Somerset House and Future Cities Catapult to work on the design, engineering and build for a piece within the ‘Big Bang Data’ exhibition at Somerset House.  We worked closely with Future Cities who had built a digital game that allows the user to design their own city, through a series of questions. The game illustrated the complexity and difficulty in balancing the development of a city, for example, if you chose to have lots of green space in your city, it might result in a housing crisis.

The aesthetic was one of mission control, made from units which were styled as control panels. We constructed these from Corian, with lots of physical buttons and sliders, also made from Corian, this made a unified and materially beautiful object. We were also later commissioned to make a permanent version for Future Cities Office to fit in with the style of their existing furniture.


The National Maritime Museum, Kin 2010

I was involved with a commission from the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to design and build a permanent exhibition area, which would show off the breadth of the museum’s archive material, allowing visitors to see everything the museum had to offer. The museum’s entire archive is enormous, and the scale of it cannot always be on physical display; however, the interactive space we designed allowed visitors to browse through some material which may never have been seen otherwise. Large plan chests, containing screens, showed detailed information. When content was opened, a concealed LED matrix revealed the archive number associated with the item. A huge trackball allowed people to casually scroll through uniforms, and ‘compass card’ collection points allowed you to go anywhere in the museum, collect an item and look it up and see further detail on it and any associated items.

I was particularly involved in the concept phase, early stage drawing, model making of the space and asset creation.


LCF Shows

Throughout my time working with Kin, I was the project lead on work with London College of Fashion. We worked closely with the college to design and build exhibitions, graduate shows, catwalks and award ceremonies. I was mostly in charge of client relations, concept generation and development, budgets, design, build and installation.

Over the years we created some impactful and challenging installation pieces. From concealed two-mirror light boxes for displaying students’ work, sound interactive catwalks, floating book displays for media student, a huge snake lightbox, to delicate animated plinths


Arup, Kin 2010

Early in my career one of the first projects I worked on with Kin was a commission from Arup and Onedotzero. We were asked to make a display table which presented the vast amount of bridges they had built over the years. The table was design with two moving platforms on the top. Maps showing the location of bridges were displayed on the moving platforms. When the platforms were pushed apart, a screen below revealed diagrammatic drawing of the bridge corresponding with the above location. The further the platforms were parted, the larger the bridge span shown on the screen. My main role was to produce over 100 bridge illustrations and the build of the exhibition.

ARUP POSTER_no boarder-01-01.jpg